Business Continuity Planning

ApexOne Investment Partners ("ApexOne" or "The Firm") has developed plans to continue business in the event of a significant business disruption. This disclosure is designed to provide our clients with information on how we will respond to various potential interruptions.

ApexOne has developed and installed a BCP in the case of any business disruption that causes the Firm to have limited or no communications with its internal team or customers. Our plan anticipates two types of business disruptions, internal disruptions that affect only our firm's ability to do business (such as fire in the building) and external disruptions that prevent the operation of securities markets and/or other firms (such as natural disasters).

The Firm intends to stay in business during both internal and external disruptions due to the fact that the Firm's internal team can conduct Firm related business from alternate off-site physical locations and the Firm maintains an alternate location for the maintenance of its books and records. We anticipate that the Firm will recover from internal business disruptions within 24-48 hours. An outage due to an external business disruption may be longer and is beyond the control of the Firm. However, the Firm will endeavor to resume business as soon as it is possible for the Firm to establish business operations from alternate off-site locations. The Firm's BCP specifically addresses the following areas related to Firm operations:

If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact us at 713-784-8100 or via e-mail to Ernest Johnson ( or Jim Hearn (, you should email our alternative address at or call our alternative emergency only number at 713-417-6666. If you cannot access us through any of those means, please contact Tim Burns at 312-560-4432 or by e-mail (

For more information please contact:

Ernest Johnson
Chief Compliance Officer